Multigaming CMS

Argos version 4.6 integrated with phpbb forum software.

Argos CMS is a modern responsive multigaming system integrated with phpBB 3.3x.Built with custom MVC framework and works great with php 7.4 and phpbb 3.3.5

Mustache (Template Engine, Logic-Less)
PHP 7.4 Support
Bootstrap 3
CSS 2/3 (strict)
HTML5 Valid Code
Jquery 3(+ajax)/Javascript
PHP Fast Cache
Fully Responsive
Phpbb 3.3x integrated
SSL ready
Multilanguage support (for now is served with bulgarian, russian and english)
Pimple Container
Game Query
Emoji support
MVC Structure

The package contains the following folders:

1.Download Argos and phpbb3.3.x
2.Upload argos in root www or public_html folder
3.Upload phpbb in folder like forum/
4.Visit forum folder or and Install phpbb3.3.x (if you already install your forum, skip this step)
5.Visit root folder or and follow the instructions to install Argos

What features admin panel is have ?
On home page you can see some statistic like unique visits per day, weather, date/time, last members and social media stats about your sites (shares count)
Changing global things like title, google analytics id, pagination (items per page),admin mail,template,language,social media links and so on..
On access page you can grant some users to have access to admin pages in your argos cms (you can type a name of a member in your forum and select the pages to grant access to this user)
On view emails page you can see a messages from contact page in your argos cms. You can give a reply to them and delete the messages too.
On about us page you can describe your project and give some more information. (support html and wysiwug editor)
On edit gallery page you can delete photos which your users is already uploaded to your argos cms
On News page you can write news / edit news and edit comments in news
On banners (advertisement) page you can add banners for advertisement for specific days (Supported size is 468x60 and 88x31). You can edit banners too + delete
On banners (own) page you can add banners on banners.php page (this banners is for advertisement, which your users can place on their sites to advertise your site)
On slider page you can add sliders and you can edit them too.
On menu page you can add menus to right section on your site. (html is supported) On poll page you can add/edit polls.
On servers page you can add/edit a game servers by type and ip to your argos cms. Supported games are: cs 1.6, cs go, cs source, minecraft, tf2, samp, ventrilo, ts3
On pages page you can add/edit custom pages to your site (HTML + PHP is supported from editor)
On videos page you can embed videos from vimeo, youtube and vbox7.
On html editor page you can edit all files from your current template via html editor directly from your site.
On jquery/js page you can insert js code to your template.
On Custom css page you can insert css code to your template
On extension page you can activate/disable extensions (plugins) to your system
On very bottom you can see a rainbow button from which you can change color for admin panel area
Argos is coming with a free templates, but if you want a custom one, you can develope by your self or contact me.
The current templates is: default, revelio, gamecity, gameforest, orizon, public_arena and esport. They are responsive and very friendly to customize. Demos:
default: default
esport: esport
gamecity: gamecity
gameforest: gameforest header / gameforest bottom
orizon: orizon + RED version
public arena: public arena
revelio: revelio

All of the templates are using Font Awesome CSS library.
Default theme is coming with Sidr - custom jquery sidebar which is very easy to use and customize.
Where is a demo

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, feel free to contact me via PM or email